Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rocker of Socks

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (yeah, you know, duder from 3rd Rock From The Sun, 10 Things I Hate About You, and the recent Chris Nolan masterpiece Inception) is many things: Awesome, bodacious, and "man candy" come to mind. What didn't cross my mind, though, is that Mr. Gordon-Levitt knows his way around a Street Fighter machine.

Last night on Jimmy Fallon, JGL dropped a bit of knowledge on the crowd about fighting games, and talked about how he bought himself a Street Fighter II cabinet as a kid.

We here at Nitrobeard salute you, Mr. Gordon-Levitt, and you're our first (and only!) recipient of the 'Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the Best' Golden Beardie award.

Oh, you're busy at the moment? That's fine. I'll just set it on this nightstand.....

..I'll see myself out.