Hell, It's About Time

It's been a 12-year wait, but it's finally here: Starcraft 2 is upon us (well, you West Coasters need to wait another hour and some change, but still!).

I remember my first foray into the world of Starcraft, playing my friend's Nintendo 64 copy, not understanding what the hell I was doing! To think, that was about ten years ago. Much has changed since then: I'm now gaming on all sorts of hi-tech tomfoolery, Nitrobeard has blasted into your lives, and gas is damn near $3 a gallon. A few things haven't changed, though: Starcraft is still the number 1 competitive RTS on the planet, Duke Nukem Forever still isn't out, and as far as my Starcraft chops? I still don't know what the hell I'm doing.

I have a deep-seated love for all things RTS, and something tells me that Starcraft II will be the game to play if you're a newbie or veteran alike.

To celebrate this historic event, up above you'll see a livestream from Sean 'Day9' Plott, a competitive Starcraft player and play-by-play commentator. He's one of the many reasons I love RTS games, as his passion and knowledge for the genre is unprecedented, and he shares everything from basic strategies, to his dissection of professional-grade matches. The above video is his #100 'Day9 Daily', in which he talks about his 11-year professional career with the game that made him internet-famous. With the resurgence of fighting games over the past few years, I'm a firm believer that with Starcraft 2, the same thing will happen with RTS.

I'd be one to argue that the genre never left, though, it just shifted directions. Instead of focusing on Actions Per Minute, timing-specific build orders, and surgical placement of defenses, RTS games started leaning more towards combat, cover mechanics, and 'tactics' instead of 'strategy'. Company of Heroes, World in Conflict, and the Dawn of War saga throw some incredible gameplay choices into the tried-and-true formula Starcraft perfected, and for many RTS gamers, they'll never look back.

I'll have a much more detailed writeup in the next week, but I can't help but rush this post out to you all, to show my excitement for what I consider an historic gaming release. Crazy excitement for an RTS release? Hell, it's about time.

UPDATE: So I officially own the regular AND Collector's Edition of this beast. Add up Kami.112 and Kami.626 to your friends list, and we'll game on! Of course, as karma would have it, I have to pull an 11 hour shift at work tonight, meaning my Campaign/Multiplayer career will start tomorrow morning. It's okay, though, as this picture is proof that all is well with the world.