Avatar Days

Avatar Days is a great short film by Gavin Kelly of Piranha Bar, and talks of World of Warcraft players in Dublin, Ireland. I recently recovered my old WoW account from those filthy hacker types, and I'm grinding away, and hopefully hitting level 80 within the next week or so. This short film really caught my eye, though, as it was only produced in 4 days (from pre-production all the way until final cut), and even though it's not even five minutes, it still gets a solid point across: These are real people behind the keyboards, and while MMO players often get dismissed as the basement dwelling type, with games like WoW, City of Heroes, Champions Online, and others, that perception is changing more and more every day.

I'm planning a sizeable article that will be up on Nitrobeard in the next few days that talks about my love of the MMO genre, and I'm hoping it'll be an interesting read!