The Glorious Revival of Golfquestionmark?


Golf? is a PC computer based entertainment video game that emulates the classy fellow's golfing experience. It came out in beta form as far back as 2005 from what I can remember, and I've been hopefully F5'ing it ever since, hoping for some kind of update.

I love me some video game golf, and the fact that I've been eagerly awaiting some kind of full or further expanded release of this game for 5+ years is a testament to the fact that y'all suckas betta go play this because it's the King of Golf Games yeeeaaaaaah.

Three or so days ago the site was mysteriously updated with a new layout and a bit of new content. For anyone who may have been wondering :

Q. Does Golf have a myspace account?
A. Not anymore. It use to but it doesn't anymore.

Q. What is that on top of the golfers head?
A. If you pressed 4 in the driving range, then its a gun. If you pressed 5, it's a Utah teapot. And If you pressed 6 it's Blue Shirt from Ken's stage of Super Street Fighter 2X: Grand Master Challenge.

The game itself is fantastic fun, boasting "graphics better than the ocean," and "a story more fantastic than Hollywood movies"- as quoted from the old site. It sets itself apart from other golf games in a number of ways :

  1. Art style. I'm not even sure how to describe it. Sophisticated alcoholic detective robot caddies on vectoriffic art deco victorian fairways?

  2. Mouse control! A really slick mouse-driven control method. No clicks involved, just slide your mouse and give it the power, spin, and curve that you want.

  3. ROCKET SAUCE. Did I mention that you have to travel to your ball in-between shots? There are motorized carriage golf carts across the course that let you drive to your ball. Also there are conveniently placed ramps and pressing the shift button deploys the carriage's ROCKET SAUCE to propel you forwards speedily.


Golf? has an interesting history, and while I'm not the official record keeper by any means. I've been checking up on it enough to catch some things. I'm going to be  super vague with this time line.

2005 (?) - Golf? was released in beta form with only 9 holes but otherwise a pretty much full-functioning game. Many college nights were spent rocket saucing around.


2008 - The old Golf? site was updated with a tidbit of news at the top about one of the developers getting out of prison soon, and possibly some news about the game then to follow.


Late 2009 - I sent a message to the developers using the "contact us" form on the old site asking if they were still alive. I can't remember my exact words. Wasn't hopeful about hearing back.


February 2010 - I got an e-mail from an address with the following response :

Hey now,

Golf was dead but recently it became re-alive. I can't say if it will get dead again but hopefully in a few months we will have a new version. Thanks for playing the old one.


June 2010 - Progress! In the form of the new site you see here.

You can currently still grab the "original outdated beta" here, which still works for online multiplayer and is highly recommended. If flying detective robot caddies who drink too much, being a rocket sauced stunt driver in between shots, and flailing your mouse around to hit a tiny white ball into a cup hundreds of yards away doesn't make you want to play- then BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZBZZZZZZZ BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ