Sideburned E3 Week - Microsoft

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Brian : Yeah a game from Crytek without CRY in the title should be pretty interesting to see what they do! The new 360 looks slick and, as some people have been saying, nearly as unstackable as the PS3! About time they got built-in wifi.

As far as my FAVOURITE MICROSOFT MOMENT it would have to be the Metal Gear : Rising gameplay footage. It's like some kind of gorgeous combination of Toribash and Red Faction : Guerilla. I guess you get to be a NANO MACHINE ASSHOLE.

I think little Asian girl with Skittles the downs tiger lingers in my mind the most though.

Graphics were a 6. 




Wes : Man there was some wild stuff. My Twitter has a moment by moment reactionary thing (notice my EXPLOSION of yelling at the end, where all of the attendants got free slimline 360s) but there's some key things I want to bring up:

  • While I loved the Apple-esque "Guess what, it's shipping this week!" announcement for the system, it seems to be the rabbit out of the hat to distract us from the lack of solid Kinect pricing news. Gamestop is rumoring it to be $150 as a bundle, but who knows?


  • New Crytek game that's not Crysis or Far Cry? WOOOOOOOOOO!


  • Microsoft should've hired the ESPN commentators to do the entire press conference! It's much better than the awkward little girl talking to Skittles the Tiger in magic land. The ESPN on XBox Live deal is fantastic though, even though it doesn't include NFL. Poopy!


  • Halo: Reach wasn't impressing me until the space combat, then I was sold. I'm hoping it takes up a large portion of the game, and not presented like a Gears of War 'ride the Brumak and win funbucks!' sideshow.


  • Metal Gear: Rising looks fantastic, as the physics for the blade look great. It has true watermelon slice and dice action, and what's better than that?


  • Kinect looks solid, even though it's not my 'thing'. I'm VERY excited for the slimline, though, as I need a new 360, and for $299, I can get the best on the market. Slim, quiet, 250gb hdd, touch-sensitive buttons, and built-in wifi is a great deal for the price. Hell, with the new look, and with Kinect looking like EyeToy++, Microsoft is the new Sony! Who knew?!

What was your favorite highlight of the conference? What would you rate it, OUT OF 10? IS IT A 9 FUNFACTOR BUT 5 IN GRAPHICS?? DID SKITTLES BRIGHTEN YOUR WORLD LIKE HE DID MINE?!   





WE3K (I am so clever and also hip with the times)

I caught Microsoft's Conference and here are some of my thoughts as it happened, as archived on Platformers.NET by record keeper Imran... or something.

[13:32] <sQuiz> CALL OF BROS
[13:33] <sQuiz> modern brody
[13:34] <sQuiz> did he just shoot his friend

[13:43] <sQuiz> JUST RIKE SNAKE (Kojima I love you)

[13:52] <sQuiz> that was a fuck of a kick

[13:54] <sQuiz> he's as boring as James Cameron

[14:03] <sQuiz> SIX
[14:03] <sQuiz> GET TO THE SABER

[14:04] <sQuiz> Six did you get to the saber

[14:11] <sQuiz> someone needs to set up two opposing XBox's, one at the dashboard with Natal, and one with Milo
[14:12] <sQuiz> WOO TWIN SISTER
[14:17] <sQuiz> But how will this let me connect to Justin Bieber

[14:20] <sQuiz> REAL
[14:20] <sQuiz> TIME
[14:20] <sQuiz> POLLS

[14:23] <sQuiz> because he's KUDO TSUNODA
[14:23] <sQuiz> I can't believe he's married

[14:24] <sQuiz> THAT FACE
[14:24] <sQuiz> jesus
[14:24] <sQuiz> those fingers

[14:31] <sQuiz> she is definitely not steering

That about sums up my thoughts. Metal Gear : Rising looked pretty rad but then again I am partial to slicing and dicing things like a madman. So what'd you think Wes?