Wes's Top 25 Of All-Time

Hey there, Nitrobearders! Some cool news, I've opened up a slightly off-topic GiantBomb blog! It's focused on random thoughts, less-focused gaming editorials, and overall ranting and raving. No worries, though, as Nitrobeard will still be getting the Grade A content, main editorials, and cool news you've come to know and love. This is essentially a way for me to write a little every day (or every other day), and make sure that the consistency and quality of Nitrobeard stays high, well-rounded, and will never become overwhelming.

The first order of business, in fact, is my Top 25 Of All-Time list, something I'm fairly proud of. There's quite a few standard picks in the batch, but I can guarantee you a few of them will surprise you. As a cool sneak-peek, here's the Top 5! The picture's downsized a bit for viewing, but hopefully it's still legible!

I'm interested to see what you all think of the list, as it's one I'm hoping will stand up under scrutiny. Yeah, I know a few picks are going to get me harassed a bit, but I stand by them! Let me know what you think, or even what you would change, in the comments!