3D Bonk! Game Heroes

UPDATE: I finished the in-game version and tossed it up for download at the Georama forum.

"Ultimate retro love letter" video game 3D Dot Game Heroes is out! And for only $40.00 at that.

3DDGH comes with a spiffy character editor which allows you to share your creations with the world. Even on their own Hall of Heroes site, as long as it doesn't use any licensed or copyrighted materials... but where is the fun in NOT playing as 300 of your favourite JRPG characters? Georama seems to have a forum that people have found and posted some nice creations on.

Q-Block is a browser version of basically the exact same editor that 3DDGH uses. A 16 x 16 x 16 area to work with provides some interesting challenges in packing detail into such a small area. I whipped up a RED and BLU version of Team Fortress 2's scout, and am pretty happy with the results.


Unfortunately you can't export anything directly from Q-Block that will work with 3DDGH , but once you've worked it out it shouldn't be too hard to recreate in 3DDGH.