Sideburned Test

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Brian : Only advice I can give is beat games before moving on to the next one! I try to limit myself to just 1 single-player game per system at a time, maybe 2 if one of them is a lengthy RPG or something. You can always toss some multiplayer or random little games into the mix like Team Fortress 2 on PC or something like Shatter on the PSN.

Just got to be disciplined, son!

I'd be a terrible reviewer but I can definitely let you do all the fancy writing and word play then just slap a sentence of input at the end and my FINAL JUDGEMENT or something.

Anyhow, I think free Mechwarrior 4 is a good place to end this Sideburned (though it looks like their site is slammed at the moment). RESUME NORMAL POSTING HABITS until the next time we feel like doing one, maybe weekly or bi-weekly. 




Wes : Oh man, I have to give kudos to Anyprophet for making me spit out my drink. Part of wants us to update our 'About' page, with 'reader reviews' of each of us (namely: Hilarious quotes about us from forum communities).

You must give me advice for kicking my gaming A.D.D.! Steam doesn't help, with all of their crazy 50-75% discounts on top-tier products every other day, though. Speaking of, I think a Top 5 Steam Games Under $10 list is an amazing idea! My #1 will be the same regardless (DUN DUN DUNNNN), so I'm fine with either!

Also, I was going to email you about this, but I may as well make it public, to judge response: How do you feel in regards to us doing game reviews? It could be a Buy/Rent/Skip review system, so we don't fall into the oh-so-comfy "7 out of 10" syndrome everyone else on the internet finds themselves stuck in. It'll also give these fine readers a bit of insight into our personal tastes in regards to games, which is good for the brand. EXPAND THE BRAND! It doesn't have to be under a deadline, or under certain quotas, so we can bust them out at our own pace.

Before I head out, though, I thought I'd share the love: Mechwarrior 4 has now been released for ABSOLUTELY FREE! I used to play tons of Mechwarrior 2 as a lil' pup, so I'm very excited to hop onto this. It uses MTX Tech's digital downloader deal, but that's free, too! The servers are slammed as of this post, so it'll take a bit for the 1.7GB of mech-destroyin'-goodness to be delivered to you. Digitally. Free gams is good gams!




Brian : You should definitely go back and beat it, at least once! If you feel like playing through it another three and a half times like I did, then so be it.

I picked up Skate 1 a couple of months after its release and really enjoyed it. Was tempted by Skate 2 but passed up on it for whatever reason, probably other gams, but I don't feel so bad now that Skate 3 is on its way and looking rad. Otherwise, it looks like you have your hands full (as usual)! Beat games before moving on to new ones Wes! I kicked my gaming A.D.D. habit a while back, and I'm a better man for it.

I think instead of actually trying to win Starcraft 2 matches, you should just do the most insane bullshit to throw your opponents off. Anything you can do that would make the least amount of sense possible.

In regards to Steam, you've seen right? Here's mine and yours. You've got more Steam cred than me :[, but I can be smarmy about being a member longer than you! As far as a 'Top 5 Favourite Steam Games' list goes, you can't ask me to do that. THERE ARE TOO MANY GAMES ON STEAM AND I AM INDECISIVE AND EASY TO PLEASE. Maybe 'Top 5 under $10' to at least limit the choices.

One more thing- I hope you saw this quote from anyprophet from yesterday, it started here. A paraphrased version of it is in my sig currently.

You think Steve Jobs didn't take crazy risks when he was bulding Apple? What if Kami is the next Steve Jobs? Steve Jobs is a shark. Don't get in his way unless you want to get eaten. And not the good kind of eaten like they do downtown. The bad kind of eaten like they do at hot dog eating contests. He'll fucking Kobyashi your ass and won't even blink.

I better watch out :O.




Wes : Oh man, I really need to go back to Uncharted 2. I *think* I stopped about an hour away from the finale, but what I played of it (and the limited time I put into Multiplayer) was easily the best experience I've had on PS3 thus far.

Speaking of PS3, though, it's been seeing alot of love recently. I've been playing quite a bit of Skate 2, Final Fantasy XIII, inFamous, and hopped back into Disgaea 3, but my true excitement lies within the games I've yet to start: Heavy Rain, Resonance of Fate, Yakuza 3, and I'm looking to pick up Star Ocean The Last Hope: International Edition within the next week.

I'm still grinding away at the Starcraft 2 beta, and have still yet to win a match. I know how to hotkey, though, and with the aid of fantastic friends (thanks Exit and theqat!) from Platformers, as well as the fine folks from Penny Arcade, I'm on my way to worldwide Starcraft domination! You know, before they wipe the beta servers for the fifth time....

I'm also on the momentum of Steam, with Left 4 Dead 2, Torchlight, the Max Payne titles, and a handful of my other 167 Steam games (oh godddd), and with your talk of Mass Effect 2, Brian, I have to get back to that as well. Thanks, jerkface!

Actually, that gives me an idea for an article....'Top 5 Favorite Steam Games'..Brian, you in?




Brian : Alright so this is a test to make up for lack of a podcast, it'll act as some kind of running conversation. Wes- just edit this post to respond!

Been super busy lately since the Mrs. and I BOUGHT A HOUSE. We're almost all moved-in and set-up, just some painting and putting things on the walls left to do. Didn't make the move to get internet at the new place for a while, so I took advantage of not having a distracting internet-enabled PC and gam'd up my PS3!

I finished up my fourth Uncharted 2 run to find all the shiny treasures, as well as toy around with some of the unlockable tweaks like zero-gravity for some objects, infinite ammo, one shot kills, and mirroring the world a different way each time you die. Also took advantage of the in-game store to give myself whatever weapon I wanted to use at the time and grab some of dem trophies. Trying to beat the game using only the limited range tranquilizer gun could be interesting, also the GAU-19 Gatling gun but got dang that would be slow. Luckily there's a tweak to play the game in fast motion, but I'm not sure how much help that would be when you're lugging around A FREAKIN' GATLING GUN.

I finally had the chance to try out some Uncharted 2 competitive and co-op multiplayer modes and promptly asked myself why the hell I didn't start playing it early. It's surprisingly fun and translates really well into a multiplayer experience. Its got an experience / cash system for leveling up your mans which you can then use to unlock and purchase characters to play as, boosters for competitive, and weapon upgrades for the co-op which is hands-down where the multiplayer shines for me. Platforumer Ornithophobe and I played through a couple of the co-op levels. Highlights included reviving Orni like 7 times after being downed by amassing snipers on the roofs, and the two of us simultaneously realizing we were about to be attacked from behind- both then turning around and performing the same melee knockout attack on the two attackers.

In summation : I be getting some massive shelf-life out of Uncharted 2.

I also borrowed God of War III from my brother and beat that. Picked up Spider-Man : Web of Shadows on the cheap from Amazon and started that.

FINALLY, I have to give a massive shout-out to college buddy, fellow geek and artiste extraordinaire Ether- who gifted me Mass Effect 2 via Steam as an early birthday present with instructions to SHEPARD HARDER. I imported my ME1 character and started playing last night, stopping just short of meeting Martin Sheen.

Oh, I just sent off our first mortgage payment then came back and started watching Flash Point while I work. <3 Donnie Yen.

Oh god this was way longer than what I envisioned.