Starcraft 2 Beta: Video Commentary!

Hello Nitrobearders (I think that's the proper usage, yes?), your ol' pal Wes here with a new update about the Starcraft 2 beta. See, I had tons of things to speak of, including 2.0, unit balance, patches, and the overall 'feel' of Starcraft written out for your reading pleasure. After re-reading it multiple times, though, it started to become a jumbled mess of terms and ideas that don't make much sense without context.

Therefore, I'm happy to announce that I created a video commentary that dissects 2.0, basic Starcraft strategies, and even has a match commentary by yours truly! It's a little over an hour, but hopefully covers a majority of things you'd think to ask. Without further ado, I present Nitrobeard's First Starcraft 2 Commentary Video!

Definitely leave a comment letting me know how you liked it, and if you all weren't too tired of my drone after an hour, I may do this type of commentary for multiple games, not just Starcraft! I'll try to answer any questions you all have, and I'll take ridicule of my skills like a man. A crying baby of a man, who doesn't enjoy being judged, but still. A man nonetheless!