Gabe Newell: Combating DRM

I was recently browsing Youtube for game developer content, whether it be interviews, quotes, or old press conferences, and I stumbled upon something pretty fantastic. Gabe Newell, Valve's CEO, discusses game design, piracy, combating DRM, and some foreward thinking towards development funding:

Some very interesting ideas are presented, especially the progressive, user-based pricing structure. We see the success of games like Farmville, and various Korean MMO titles, that base their monetary gains on microtransations: bonus items through in-game stores. Keeping the base game free, but charging X amount of money for a virtual elephant seems like a smart move, but how long will it last? Having customers become 'investors' from the outset may establish a deeper appreciation of the work ethic, trials, and tribulations of game developers, and may make gamers a bit more understanding when it comes to the finished product.

Or, who knows, it may cause bigger headaches. This is the internet, after all.