iJumpman, uJumpman, weallJumpman

Resident Platforumer and all around creative guy Andrew McClure (mcc) has reached the major milestone of launching the iPhone version of his retronormous game, Jumpman, on the App Store!

Check it out at App Shooper because I'm not a buster that would blind link it and have iTunes surprise launch on you.

In mcc's own words:

iJumpman is a retro-futuristic platformer with Apple // graphics in eye-popping 3D. Use touch controls to control Jumpman, tilt controls to manipulate gravity and see if you can survive to the exit.


- A full level editor with integrated online level trading
- Customizable controls
- Full soundtrack by The Mathletes
- And a few surprises...

A free demo for Mac, PC and Linux is available at http://runhello.com/


I even reviewed it on the App Store and gave it a buttload of stars!

iJumpman takes things back to the fantastic basics; running, jumping, and avoiding enemies. Okay so there's also a really neat rotating mechanic which makes for some great levels, and the whole level creation and sharing bit. So it's more of a really fun combination of old-school platforming and new-school ideas and community features!

Most certainly worth grabbing!

So pick it up on your iPhone or iPod touch, and enjoy. If you're not willing to shell out $apple + $iJumpman to have a sweet portable version, you should still definitely check out the downloadable free COMPUTAR iteration