Sword & Sworcery & Superbrothers

I've always been a huge fan the Superbrothers and their unique art style. The fact that they are teaming up with Capybara Games (fine creators of Critter Crunch and Might & Magic : Clash of Heroes) to create something for the iPhone is music to my ears.

Sword & Sworcery, from what I can tell by watching the videos, has 2 unique modes of play and reminds me a lot of the classic point-and-click adventure game Quest for Glory 2. While holding the iPhone horizontally, you tap around to move your character, explore the world, and interact with things. In the event you should encounter a Kobold or something, you rotate the iPhone vertically and the battles play out much like they do in QfG2. Or for the unwashed console masses, "it like Punch Out!."

It should also be mentioned that S&S was the recipient of the 'Achievement in Art' award at the IGF Mobile 2010. Here are some select quotes to cement how you should feel about the game.

Can't say I like anything in the game. Sorry.

Wow! that is one but ugly game!!!

lol, is this article sacastic?

Hurts my eye just to look at it. Next.

Ain't the internet grand?