Lo-Fi Fantasy Tower Climbin'

TIGSource recently posted the results of a competition they were having. I've actually no idea exactly what the competition was, but apparently a lot of the games that were made for it used a charming "lo-fi fantasy" tileset created by a TIGSource forum member.

I quickly downloaded the listed Top 10 after seeing some screenshots, and was pleasantly surprised with most all of them. Bitworld (slick 2D / 3D roguelike), Dungeons of Fayte (local co-op action RPG), and Great Dungeon in the Sky (platformer with tons of characters to play) are my personal favourites.

Definitely check them all out if you get the chance.

While scouring around for other free indie games, I discovered Tower Climb, a game I'd have no problem comparing to the fantastic Spelunky, with a bit of Canabalt thrown in.

Procedurally generated levels, randomly triggered events, and climb as high as you can up an endless tower while you avoid lava, wasps, spikes, vicious kitties and other tower-related devices of death. Download it, play it. Now.

My current highest climb is a measly 566m so feel free to beat it, then boast about how much cooler you are than me in the comments.