Rumble In The Bronze: Videos On Demand!

Last week I posted about a Starcraft 2 charity event created by the Penny Arcade Starcraft 2 Community known as the 'Rumble In the Bronze'. It featured EG.INControL shoutcasting some hilariously amazing Bronze-tier matches alongside my main man Trus, and the videos are now available! Check out the two part series, posted below:

There is some absolute gold here, and even if you're not a whiz when it comes to build order compositions, scouting techniques, or stim timing pushes, you'll definitely find something to love here. I mean, take this exchange, where INControL is dominating a 2v1?

eg.INControL: 'Your wife is a kind heart.'
JoeK: 'My wife is a great lady'
Trus: 'Can she play Starcraft 2 better than you?'


It's smacktalk through-and-through, and if you like what you hear, be sure to donate to Child's Play! Donations run until December 22nd, so don't feel as if it's too late to make a difference! We're incredibly close to our goal, and we'd love to reach it, to ensure these kids have the most rocking Christmas season ever!