Pro-gamer Gauntlet : Episode 1

Sam Slater is a good friend of mine from college. He's a fellow parkour practitioner, incredible martial artist, aspiring stunt man, Heroscape game organizer, and all around geek / nerd . (You can witness some of our antics online.)

He's now working as part of a web-series called Pro-gamer Gauntlet as the 'Platform Master.' The series was entered into a video contest that The Escapist was having, and while it didn't win one of 3 spots for a contract to continue to produce the web-series it did win the Viewer's Choice award!

Pro-gamer Gauntlet is a business that employs 11 elite gamers, each a master of a different genre. What does this business do? Well, simply put, they are personal trainers...for gamers.

The first episode went up yesterday, take a gander below!