'Matul Remrit' Does More Than Endure

Matul Remrit, a Dwarf Fortress tale brought to life by Kevin Snow and George Kavallines, has been an underground success over the last several months. With the premiere of its second season, though, it's upping the ante, changing the game, and is bound to deliver unique, enthralling moments that we won't soon forget.

If you're new to Matul Remrit, I'll give a basic overview: Using a combination of the indie classic Dwarf Fortress, the Dwarf Fortress visualizer Stonesense, and the artistic prowess of illustrator George Kavallines, author and story developer Kevin Snow has created a living, breathing lore. Dwarf Fortress has many things in common with Nitrobeard favorite Minecraft, such as randomized worlds, persistent changes, and a fantastic sense of discovery that draws in so many hardcore PC gamers. The catch, though, is that as much as you change the world around you, there's bound to be consequences. The beauty of Matul Remrit is showcasing that these dwarfs are not just a means to an end, or small avatars that do your bidding: They're people, aspiring to something more than the sum of their individual parts. They understand that despite their differences, they must survive the harsh conditions and the vile politics that plague their land. Matul Remrit gives a voice to the voiceless, and it's incredibly refreshing.

The above video (with music by the genius Eidolon Orpheus) marks the official beginning of the "second season", and is aiming to wrap up around August 2011. Now is a perfect time to introduce yourself to the story, or for a friend of yours to find out what all the fuss is about. To keep track of the goings-on in Matul Remrit, be sure to visit Bravemule.com, read through the archives, and enjoy the slow burn. The main draw of Matul Remrit is discovery, not just from the standpoint of a civilization trying to succeed, but from a storytelling perspective as well. Characters are evolving before our very eyes, and the narrative is moving at such a great pace, we're going to be in for quite a few substantial surprises. If the video is any indication, it's business as usual for our favorite dwarfs: truces, treasons, jealousies, and mutinies are afoot. Matul Remrit, despite its turmoil, must endure.

I'm pleased to say, it does that, and so much more.