Nitrobeard Live: CoD Black Ops

Be sure to keep your browsers locked here to Nitrobeard on Tuesday, November 9th, for our Nitrobeard Live: Black Ops Spectacular! Starting at Noon (Central Standard Time), yours truly will be playing through a few hours of campaign, then swapping into the multiplayer feature set. I'll be doing runthroughs of many gametypes, the new Theatre Mode, character customization, and more! I'll be commenting with voice chat throughout the entire day, and of course I will be live in the chatrooms, taking any questions or requests you have for me.

Where can you catch this at, by chance? You can always check out Nitrobeard's Official Ustream page, or you can keep your browser here, as I'll be embedding the Livestream in the front page! Don't think that's all, though: I'll be writing the first official Nitrobeard review for Black Ops, and it will be going live Tuesday night!

Grab some drinks, get some snackies, and join me this Tuesday for a day filled with bullets, laughter, and what I'm sure will evolve into nothing but blind rage, and foul language. That's what soldiers do, right?