iPhone Gams Round-up

I love my iPhone. I never thought I'd get as much functional use as well as bideo yamming on it that I have.

It was Christmas 2008 that my brother presented me with a gift which I unwrapped only to reveal a box for World of Warcraft : Wrath of the Lich King. I thought "What the hell? My brother knows that City of Heroes is my main squeeze. What a selfish gift to get me to play WoW with him!" I put on a happy face, thanking him and telling him "I guess I'll give it a shot."

After some giggling from him and my parents, I ended up opening the box- revealing a gift card for an iPhone 3G that I would just have to take to an Apple Store and claim. SINCE THEN I HAVE PLAYED ONLY THE FINEST iOS GAMES THAT RECEIVE 98 OR ABOVE RANKINGS ON METACRITIC.

Does Metacritic even contain iOS games? Whatever. BEAR WITNESS TO MY ALL-IMPORTANT SECOND PAGE:

100 Rogues - A great introduction to the Roguelike genre with essentially limitless replayability. They're about to add a new class you can die as. Check out Behemoth's thoughts for more!

Aera - 2.5D dogfighting and acrobatics at its best! It's no Sopwith, but I'll take it.

Angry Birds - Destroy badly made structures with different kinds of birds so you can kill pigs that stole your eggs. Look, this game spawned a skit on an Israeli Comedy show, and there's tons of levels.

Aqueduct - The Kieffer Bros. know some damn good design. Aqueduct is a beautiful combination of Sokoban and Pipe Mania, if you enjoy puzzle games GET THIS PUZZLE GAME.

Cubed Rally Racer - Awsum 8-bit style 3D isometric graphicz! Randomly generatz0r levelz wif over 99 unlockable pieces! This game is pretty sweet and if you have OpenFeint friends you can send them a challenge on a level it took you 12 times to complete perfectly which they only have 1 try to beat that!

Cut the Rope - Physics are fun! This is a great example of a game tailored perfectly for touch. Feed candy to some cute creature in a box through various cutting of ropes and working of contraptions. The end.

Stair Dismount - DO YOU REALLY NEED TO BE TOLD WHAT THIS GAME IS ABOUT? Go play the free version. The iPhone version is better and has a ton of different levels and ragdoll body types.

Edge - A real gem of a game on the App Store. Fantastic design, smangin' soundtrack, and great controls. It's like some kind of Tron-esque platforming puzzle race game that will blow your mind. Also Tim Langdell is an asshole.

Eliss -Just gonna copy what some other dudes have said. It's a multitouch masterpiece! I'm really looking forward to Steph Thirion's next game Faraway.

Sword of Fargoal -A pretty amazing iOS remake of a Commodore C-64 game. It's polished, addictive- a great casual roguelike.

Helsing's Fire -Position your torch WITH REAL TIME LIGHTING around crypts and buildings then explode colored potions to defeat monsters on randomly generated levels. Super original and hilarious game. It has boss battles with Dracula and wins are celebrated with fist bumps and tomahawk pounds.

Hook Champ -I already wrote about this game and you should have already played it.

Pocketball -Again with the physics fun! Create strings between pegs to bounce balls into their respective containers. ARE YOU TOO GOOD FOR YOUR HOME?

Super Quickhook -The only game to dethrone Hook Champ as my favorite iOS game of all time is this game. Which is, surprisingly enough, the sequel to Hook Champ! It's a game, it has a grappling hook. Do you need to know more? Oh, it's got an even larger hat-based economy and better upgradable power-ups than its predecessor.

Tilt to Live - I honestly haven't put that much time into this game but I forgot it was on the 2nd page of my iPhone so here it is. Some dudes I know like it.

Undercroft - This should already be all up on your iPhone.

More at a later date! My elusive third page yields more toilet-gaming goodness.