Moogle Stole My Bike Returns!

With the amazing regular content of Mark Bradshaw's Wallet Abuse Wednesdays, and Brian Belida's Netflix Instanity, what's a young Wes Gardner to do? After much pondering, the answer was as clear as a bright Vana'Diel day: Bring back Moogle Stole My Bike! Our past adventures took us through the world of Final Fantasy XI, but there's new technology afoot: New, misunderstood, and critically slammed technology, at that. That's right, we're moving past the world of Vana'Diel. We're headed to Eorzea, the land of Final Fantasy XIV.

Moogle Stole My Bike will be a weekly look at the world of Final Fantasy XIV. I've never been so fascinated with a game as I am with FFXIV. Immediately after release, the game was torn apart for shoddy interfaces, bad gameplay, terrible support, broken mechanics, and literally no accessibility. Well, things are headed in the right direction now, and it seems like a perfect time to take a look at what could widely be considered the most colossal gaming failure of 2010.

Does Final Fantasy XIV deserve the hate it gets? There has to be some redeeming qualities in this title, and I'm out to find them. With Cataclysm right around the corner, the MMO landscape seems a bit one-sided, but here at Nitrobeard, we're a fan of the underdog. Every game deserves its fair shake, and with Moogle Stole My Bike's return, we aim to do just that.

How will these updates be delivered? They will be given once a week in update form here on the main page, with pictures and commentary. However, with the addition of Nitrobeard's BlipTV Archive, you'll also have more video footage to savor, and get a real-time, unfiltered look at the ups, downs, and all-arounds of my adventures in Eorzea. Some weeks, you can expect Livestream events, with live chat, voice commentary, and viewer requests, but each week, you'll always be guaranteed video footage to accompany the written updates on the main page.

When will this triumphant return happen? Tomorrow, November 30th.

Get your Gysahl Greens, ready up your Cactuar, and summon your Shiva, Final Fantasy is back in the Nitrobeard rotation! Something tells me we'll have some beautiful adventuring together!