Starcraft 2 At Blizzcon 2010

It's been a while since the last installment of Nitrobeard's Starcraft 2 coverage, but it's been worth the wait! Much has happened in the Starcraft scene lately, the most recent being the great tournament held at Blizzcon 2010. Now, I understand that not everybody is a Starcraft fan the same way I'm a Starcraft fan, but there's still something spectacular about professional players doing their thing in front of a live crowd, and that's what this post will bring to the table: The 'main event' of Starcraft 2 for this year, BoxeR vs. FruitDealer.

BoxeR (or more properly, SlayerS_BoxeR) is a living legend in E-Sports, and is beyond a shadow of a doubt the greatest Starcraft and Brood War player to have ever lived. Here's a few of his career highlights:

  • Most wins on televised matches (500)

  • Two times World Cyber Games champion (2001, 2002 as gonia119_kr)

  • Earns an income of over $US 300,000 (annually)

  • Longest time to hold first place in KeSPA (Korea e-Sports Players Association) rankings (17 months)

  • His fanbase refers to him as 'The Emperor', and for me, that's his greatest achievement. The Emperor? Do you know how fucking elated I'd feel to be known as The Emperor of anything? There's not much that can stop BoxeR, in my opinion.

    Let it be known, though, that his competitor, FruitDealer, was no slouch.

    FruitDealer (previously known as 'Cool' in Brood War) has been on the competitive Starcraft scene for a while, but had to take a leave of absence to help his sick father, by, you guessed it, selling fruit at a fruit stand. Personal problems aside, he's back, and ready to smash some faces. He is currently known for winning the very first GSL tournament, the biggest invitational in South Korea, and is a key figure in promoting televised matches for GomTV. People pay their money so they can see FruitDealer play, even if they know nothing of Starcraft.

    At Blizzcon, these two titans faced off, and it was absolute carnage. I think Starcraft 2 is the best spectator sport in gaming, and this Best 2 Out Of 3 match is exactly why. Enjoy!

    It's definitely the most amazing Starcraft 2 match I've ever seen, and it's honestly one of the coolest 'gamers playing live for thousands of screaming fans' things I've ever seen, too. The crowd is definitely into the matches, and when you have the commentating team of Day9, Artosis, and Tasteless, you can't go wrong. My man crush on Day9 grows deeper everyday, in fact.

    Wait, what the?!

    How did that get there?