Netflix Instanity


Thank god for Netflix. I suppose Hulu is also something to be thankful for, but today I will praise Netflix.

Between the two online video megastreaming services I have absolutely no need for Cable Television, and the exorbitant costs involved in having it. I, for one, stand firmly against paying a 'low' promo price for x number of months and then having to pay exponentially more as thanks for being a customer for some time! I mean, I understand the need to lure people with an initial low price, but fuck that noise.

Onwards! In addition to the in-the-mail DVDs you get with a Netflix membership, you also get unlimited access to their entire online instant streaming superlibrary. Movies, mini-series, TV shows- they have it all. Popular titles like Serenity, Avatar : The Last Airbender, Arrested Development, Zombieland, various Batman and Superman animated movies, and Gamer (got dang it was so terrible). They also have plenty of hidden gems, OF WHICH I WILL NOW RECOMMEND TO YOU.

I'll recommend a couple now, and maybe make some kind of regular posting about what's good on the Netflix Instants. As long as you're not a negative-nancy-megacritic, we'll get along just fine on this journey.

I'm terrible at actually writing about movies, so I'm not going to try to convince you WHY you should watch these movies. You can check out their Netflix page, a trailer, whatever and see for yourself if you think you'd like it.