GoG Brings The Pain

Oh shit.

While there was stark controversy on whether or not GoG.com's recent PR Stunt was good for business or not, one thing's for certain: GoG isn't going anywhere. Not only that, but like a prize fighter, it's primed, and ready for the main event.

I grew up with Infinity Engine titles, and my Forgotten Realms Deluxe Edition continues to be the showpiece of my PC gaming collection, alongside my Blade Runner adventure game (developed by the late, great Westwood Studios). I loved the character dynamics, true tests of morality, and lengthy narratives inside of these classic universes. Sure, the combat mechanics were a bit iffy at times, but with a little bit of time investment, the game would reward you tenfold. Even with BioWare developing some stellar games as of late, they don't come close to capturing the magic, mystique, and timeless quality that the Infinity Engine titles of old did.

Having my DVD super collection of these titles makes me a happy camper, but now having multiple processors, Windows 7, and advanced dedicated 3D graphics technology in my system, the games themselves don't always run the way their decade-old programming intends. That's why it's an absolute treat to see GoG.com carry Baldur's Gate (plus expansion), Planescape: Torment, and Icewind Dale (plus Expansion). They're updated for current systems, allow fanmade patches (for widescreen support, fanmade characters, etc), and best of all, are DRM-free. The moment these games went on sale, they were immediately added to my GoG Library, even though I already owned them on physical media.

If you've never played any of these titles, rectify this immediately. These games still hold up remarkably well, and have the same nostalgic quality as a good book: I know many fellow gamers that play their favorite Infinity Engine title(s) at least once a year, and find something new to enjoy every single time. I'm hoping this RPG-kick continues with GoG's store, as I'm very much wanting to see Neverwinter Nights, Ultima, and perhaps even newer, more action-y fare like Dungeon Siege or KOTOR 2.

Giving the fact that they already have Fallout 1+2 and Arcanum, GoG's successfully making my geek heart flutter, and I always look forward to seeing what new classics they score every week. Now then, where's Legend of Kyrandia? Brian and I would like to know, thanks.