Hamilton Carver : Zombie PI Trailer

HCZPI is an upcoming web series I've been fortunate enough to be involved with in a couple of ways. As some of you know from mentions on the podcast or me ego-posting on Platformers.NET, I dabble a bit in parkour. As such I lent my skills as one of a gang of ninjas in the series. I also offered up my hand as a visual craftsman in designing their logo.

Hopefully the trailer has convinced you that it's going to be absolutely radnormous. The entire crew involved is incredibly talented, but I have to give specific thanks to Ben Cunis for being the link that led to me being a part of this and for letting me try my hand at bringing his logo ideas to fruition. The website should be coming sometime soon, with the actual launch of the series in March.

Here are said logos, type and graphic.

HCZPI Text Logo


HCZPI Graphic Logo