Did You Say, Axis Chemical Factory?

Indeed I did, Batman. Indeed I did.

In the attempt to make Batman for the NES more dramatic, SunSoft created a version of the game with cutscenes. Things took a turn for the terrible:

Here's all the never before seen cutscenes from the prototype of the game Batman for the NES. Very different from the version we all know. We learn a lot more about the plot of the game and some things made more sense. There's also a completely different ending and a new music at the end.

The fact that Joker speaks Engrish is reason enough to watch this clip. That, and the almost-slapstick worthy cuts to Batman's reactions. I'll admit, while I haven't played Arkham Asylum, I would immediately rectify the situation if Batman blankly stared into the distance while people talked to him.

Also, I submit that the 20-second-long freezeframe of Batman punching Joker in the fucking face is the most amazing ending in gaming history. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and thank God, because SunSoft can't spell to save their life.