How long has it been? A week? Two?

Somehow I've survived this long without my PC, without PC games. My computer Bossasaur, aka. DINOSAUCERS MAINFRAME was on the unfortunate receiving end of a broken hard drive recently and it's left me... temporarily a console gamer (something something paraphrased Mitch Hedberg quote).


Luckily it was only my smaller drive that I use pretty much only for the OS & applications. I found a rad deal on a 60GB OCZ Vertex SSD and just need to find the time to slap it in, toss on Windows 7, and reinstall all the necessary programs. While Bossasaur has been out of commission my wife has been happy to have me more to herself (sorry Yon), and I've had the opportunity to sink some time into neglected or forgotten console games.

The majority of my time was spent giddy like a kid with the latest Ratchet & Clank game on PS3- A Crack in Time. After beating my first hard-run of R&CF : ACIT, I went back to the brilliant PixelJunk Shooter to grab all the gems, research scientists and secret areas from the levels so I could get dem Trophies. I then kicked off my shoes and relaxed by revisiting Flower, and I've now moved on to really enjoying Critter Crunch.

I put some good time into Zelda : Soul Train, partially falling asleep during the train riding bits while I tried to figure out where I'm supposed to take this god damn passenger because I switched it off after picking him up and now I can't remember and there's really no direct way to find out.

There was the usual Hook Champing on iPhone, as well as Beneath a Steel Sky, too.

All in all it hasn't been too bad being without a PC. Of course when I do get Bossasaur back up and running though, I'll be presented with plenty of Steam News windows informing me of Mass Effect 2, Bob Came in Pieces, Bad Company 2 and god knows what else. I've got them Eidos & Unreal Packs I'd just picked up over the holidays staring at me as well.

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