Hello Again, Old Friend

First of all, Happy New Year! Here at Nitrobeard, we approve of the mystic future and cybertrons of 2010. In only three years time, we'll become Blade Runners, and hang out with Eddie James Olmos. I for one can't wait!

I'm here to announce my New Year's Resolution: Play a TON of PC games, on my sweet new Windows 7 gaming rig. 8 Gigs of RAM, dedicated video card, and high-end dual core processors fill my heart with glee this year. Also, to show Nitrobeard fans that I was thinking of them, I splurged and got one of these badboys

Which is gorgeous, and dedicated ONLY to recording Nitrobeard podcasts. The sound quality is fantastic, and the very stable, near solid-state microphone is crystal clear. Nitrobeard's podcast is movin' on up!

It's been a long while since I've had a PC (nearly six months, if my math is correct). Every post you've seen (besides the one I used the family laptop on) was formatted and published on a PS3. See, that's pretty hardcore, right? What makes it MORE hardcore, though, is the fact that I didn't own a USB keyboard or mouse, so they were all done with the PS3 controller. Truly, truly terrifying!

I'm building up my games list again: After playing a few quick rounds of Dawn of War 2, I'm eager to get my hands dirty in some Crysis Warhead, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, and the like. My Steam name is KamiDaHobo, so feel free to add me and make fun of my mediocre gaming ability!

See, the truth is, I'm simply glad to be back into the online fray. It feels nice to be back on my instant messenger program, checking email multiple times an hour, and....wait. Did you hear that?

I could've sworn I heard a whisper. It's coming from over there. What the?


Oh God.