Ding! 24!

Today is my 24th birthday. Hooray!

I'm using this post, essentially, to post two things: One, that I'm not letting my WoW drama keep me down, and two, what would a birthday post be without pictures of sweet swag?!

The first, is something I bought for myself. From my previous post, you saw that I preordered Mass Effect 2 on Steam yesterday. I loved the first Mass Effect, but I only played through the game once, and it was in 2007, not but a week after the game released. It was on my now-defunct XBox360, and in anticipation for Mass Effect 2, I'm replaying the original Mass Effect on PC. I only had two minor complaints with the first installment (namely the 'every moral-choice answer is situated in the same spot' dialogue system, and the dice-roll combat), and it looks as if Mass Effect 2 is addressing both. For the dialogue, it seems they're letting you have much more control over the conversations, in regards to tonality, subject matter, and even tempo (Don't want to wait and negotiate the hostage situation? Kill the kidnapper as he's in mid-sentence!). In regards to the combat, well, I think this says it all:

I'm incredibly excited for ME2, and you better believe that I'll be updating Nitrobeard with insights and remarks during my playthrough(s). Don't worry, they'll be spoiler free, so you can enjoy the ride for yourselves.

In other sci-fi nerd geekdom, my girlfriend is clearly the best girlfriend, as this is what I received as a birthday present:

Did I mention that she's clearly the best girlfriend