Ideas? Compromised!


So, I had a really special post planned for today: I was going to do a write-up on how I was hopping back on the World of Warcraft train, and chronicle my journies to Level 80. I was going to make it a regular, weekly column, and talk about the game in a snarky, (hopefully) witty style, while finding new things to love about Blizzard's opus. I was going to fill each post with screenshots, and as I got closer to my goal, video (with commentary by yours truly!) of the exploits and goings-on in the world of Azeroth.

I log in today, after adding a full year's subscription to the account (it pays to know people who know people!), and find out that my account was "compromised". Apparently gold farmers are finding new ways to get into accounts, and I'm not sure if there was a phishing site that logged my content, or some asshole from the official forums was pulling some hijinks, but at this point, I'm thinking the worst:

My characters, all six (ranging from levels 35 to 74), are gone. Forever. 400+ hours of time played, down the drain, simply because some fucking gold farmers wanted to advertise using my shitty level 74 Rogue. Here's a hint, guys: If you want people to buy your product, don't steal an account that has a level 74 rogue with nothing but questline greens, for one. Nobody will believe shit that guy says.

I'm pretty bummed out, actually. I wanted to find the joy in World of Warcraft that so many people have, as I 'never quite got it'. Sure, I played a ton, but it never caught me the same way Diablo 2, or more recently, Torchlight and Modern Warfare 2 have. I guess this post can serve as a warning to you WoW players. Be safe out there, kiddos, and don't go fucking around on the interwebs. Here's hoping Blizzard's customer support can do something to soften the blow.

Ugh. I'm not sure what else can be done to relieve the situation. I mean, sometimes, I guess the world is just a fickle, silly plac.....


Wait, was I saying something?