Hook Champ all up on your iPhone

Do you own an iPhone or iPod Touch communication device? Do you love well-crafted games with fantastic 8-bit graphics and intuitive controls? Do you feel that every video game ever made would have scored a higher rating on IGN.com if it had a grappling hook?

Finely bearded people, Hook Champ is the bidja gam for you.

In addition to already being a superb game, the developers are quite active on the Touch Arcade forums. They're planning on crafting plenty of (free) updates to the game including new playable characters, level sets, items, and more hats.

Yes, the game has one of the largest hat-based economies that I have ever seen. Miner's cap, beanie, fez, football helmet, a classy top hat / monocle combination, and even a wizard hat for you Idle Thumbs readers. New characters will have different play styles and different upgradeable items they can use.

World class pole vaulter Paul V.

The devs ran a 'design a character' contest in which I entered a couple of ideas in- one of which won, woop! They even imagined the character I thought up in the Hook Champ style.

Anyhow, game owns, well worth your hard-earned $2.99.