Black Friday, Darkest of Days

Happy Black Friday, everyone! The busiest shopping day of the year is almost wrapped up, and that means that yours truly is here to rabble about what he picked up.


See, this year, not only was I working at one of the higher-grossing retail chains in our area, but I was heading the videogame department. Our deals weren't as good as Best Buy, or the holy-shit-awe-inspiring deals of Steam's Early Holiday Sale, but we held our own.

While you duders were buying babies or whatever, I was playing Assassins Creed 2. While you duders were buying babies or whatever, I was playing Assassin's Creed 2.

The doors opened at 8am, to much running and screaming for DVD players and keyring picture frames and other such nonsense. Me, I was in the front lines, doing battle with the enemy, an enemy that doesn't necessarily try to kill me perse, but does a great job of killing my spirit. That, and they give me money for things, which is sort of neat.

It went well, but I missed the 'heart warming' holiday feeling that The View tries to promote. I mean, what would Thanksgiving time be without the Macy's Day Parade? Sadly, my ass was at work, so I got to miss the 'action' of randomly costumed people waving at other people, who may or may not have been staring at them.

HOLY SHIT HES COMING RIGHT FOR US HOLY SHIT HE'S COMING RIGHT FOR USAll-in-all, this holiday season has been filled with shopping, coupons, working, and smelling random baby poop. I've been playing some games (Rock Band 2, Dragon Age, Assassin's Creed 2, and starting tonight, Borderlands), and overall trying to have a good time.

Nitrobeard wishes you and yours a safe and happy holiday, and even though I'm technically a day late, the well-wishing still counts, goddammit. Anyways, enough about you or your family, I have some Borderlands to play.