+5 To Nerd Rating

So, I finished Modern Warfare 2. The campaign lived up to the hype, with a hell of an ending, and multiplayer is brilliant, per usual. However, my itch for Dragon Age has to be scratched, preferably with some epic sword of +5 boners.

I'll have a write-up on Dragon Age sometime this week, in which I'll go into further detail, but just know that it's top contender for my Game of the Year. The writing, pacing, and overall girth of content is simply mindnumbing, and is a brilliant mix of Baldur's Gate, Final Fantasy XII, and Mass Effect.

Speaking of Baldur's Gate, I was recently going through my boxes of PC classics,  in order to find something worth playing on this aging laptop. Then, I remembered: A relic of sorts, the holy grail as it were of my PC gaming collection:

Forgotten Realms: Bedsore And Poopsock Edition

Sweet mother Moses. Which should I play first, gang? I'm thinking Baldur's Gate 2, simply because I need me some Minsc.

Oh, before I start slaying some more dragons and ages and various mixes thereof, did I mention that I have this laptop? This crickety old 1.2 Ghz laptop?

A laptop that's capable of recording new Nitrobeard podcasts? Stay tuned.