A Wild Wes Appears!

What the. What's all this nonsense and tomfoolery? Nitrobeard.com is a go, and it's pretty sex-i-riffic if I do say so myself. The one and only Brian 'Parkour cant be used in a sentence like that' Belida is to thank for this gorgeous piece of internet heaven.

First, to start things off, my PC is broken. This, coupled with my red-ringed 360, leaves me a sad state of a man, slowly crying, eating various tubs of icecream. I may or may not do this far into the depths of night, reciting lines from such classics as 'Sixteen Candles' or 'I'm With Busey'. Not only that, but EA's apparently getting rid of the Command and Conquer team? Oh, lord, just take me and my icecream-ridden ass straight to hell!

Kane disapproves of EAs decision. However, he DOES approve of the icecream stuff. Kane disapproves of EA's decision. However, he DOES approve of the icecream stuff.

Anyways, enough about that. What have I been doing in my absense? Why, PS3'n, of course! Let's see, I've been (heavily) playing such gems as Uncharted 2, Wipeout HD Fury, Burnout Paradise, Dead Space, Disgaea 3, a replay of Metal Gear Solid 4, various PSOne classics (Castlevania, MGS1, Jet Moto, Medal of Honor, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy Tactics say hello), and last, but certainly not least, Dragon Age: Origins.

I'll do a lengthy review for Dragon Age, but just know, it's everything the hype has promised, and more. It's one of my more enjoyable console game experiences, and easily one of the most memorable thus far.

Listen to me get all gushy and journalism-y. BACK TO BIDJA GAMS