PAX East 2016

PAX East has come and gone yet again bringing with it cool games, long lines, over-priced food, rad music and sore feet.

I sat down with PAX pal David Tysinger just minutes after the final day of PAX East came to a close to discuss our thoughts on what might just end up being our last PAX.


My Life On Twitch - A Look Back At Going Full-Time

In September 2014, I made a true effort to live the contemporary video game nerd dream: I wanted to be a full-time Twitch streamer. What started as a casual past-time and fun hobby turned into an actual job, with all of the trappings the word 'job' entails.

60,000+ total views, 20,000+ Twitch user accounts watched, 9,782 followers, and a Hobo Network of 13 other Twitch streamers, I  decided to hang up the boots and call it quits. Why stop such a good thing? Why retire when things were finally taking off?

I sit with two partners and fellow Twitch streamers, and we talk the inner-workings, trials, and tribulations of being a full-time Twitch streamer and creating a brand, making money playing videogames. Join myself, Marco Flores (Nerd In The Bay, both on YouTube and Twitch), and part-time streamer and member of my "Hobo Network", Chris Troxtell (VampiricWarrior on Twitch) in this two-hour, one-time podcast discussing the highs, lows, and in-betweens of a life on Twitch.

The Future Of Free to Play

Last week's Episode 127 is the last episode of Free to Play that you'll hear for a long time.

No, this isn't like that time we had the final broadcast of the Beardcast only to turn around to launch Free to Play (by the way, read Wes' great post about the history of Nitrobeard).

We've been doing the 'folks talking about video games and video game news' podcast for almost seven years now through various iterations: Nitrobeard, The Beardcast, Free to Play. Seems it's time for another change!

There's plenty of details at the end of Free to Play 127, but here's a quick rundown of things that might / will likely happen:

  • Illiterate's Book Club becoming its own podcast with a similar format of round-robin game picks. Regular crew of Mark, Matt, and Dave.
  • That Video Game Pitch bit that I've been talking about for years actually maybe coming to fruition. Regular crew of Brian, Dave, and Asif (the other Khan).

And don't forget:

By no means is it an end. We're shifting focus to other passion projects that have been tossed around for a while. You can catch what is BASICALLY Free to Play by following us all on Twitter.

More as we make it happen.

Why Did I Buy WWE2K15 on PC?

WWE hasn't put out a game on the PC since 2002's WWE Raw so you might think that the fact that WWE2K15 was getting a PC port would be joyous news to wrestling game fans. Unfortunately this year's installment of the franchise was the first to appear on the "next gen" consoles and as is all too often the case it was stripped down and shoved out the door looking like a mere shadow of the previous versions. WWE2K15 was panned by game critics and even hardcore fans were left lamenting the long list of expected features that were MIA in 2K15.

So why in the hell did I buy WWE2K15 on the PC?