Jumpcast 222: Three Weddings and a Funeral

Well, some of those weddings won't be happening when people find out where those babies come from.

It's Jumpcast 222! We say a final goodbye to Nisekoi, retiring the five year-long manga from our rotation forever. Somehow Bleach does not end, no one is sure why. We announce our new series, Promised Neverland! And we still have the rest of our regular set!

  • Shokugeki no Soma (5:10)
  • Bleach (18:15)
  • Nisekoi (37:00)
  • My Hero Academia (57:08)
  • One Piece (1:17:08)

"Everything was in the same universe the whole time!"

Jumpcast 220: Self-Titled Chapter

That's how you know something is ending!

It's Jumpcast 220! This week, we start panicking about half the set ending, talk about superhero costumes, and accidentally make One Piece characters Indian.

  • Bleach (14:33)
  • Nisekoi (28:40)
  • My Hero Academia (48:20)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (1:03:53)
  • One Piece (1:13:47)

"Everything we cover, and everything we don't, is somebody's favorite manga."

Jumpcast 218: The End 3

The End 2 was really treading water.

It's Jumpcast 218! This week, we begin the Bleach countdown, continue the Nisekoi countdown, and panic super hard over losing two manga.

Quick note: The recording delayed my track again, this time by over a second. This makes parts of the podcast kind of a jumbled mess. Since we record in mono, this isn't fixable in post, and I am extremely apologetic about it. Starting next week, I will be recording everyone on separate tracks, as I should have been doing for a while, and I apologize greatly for the quality.

  • Nisekoi (9:02)
  • Bleach (21:30)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (43:49)
  • My Hero Academia (56:03)

"This is a future where her rejection doesn't work."

Jumpcast 216: Stained Within You

That's the least romantic thing I have ever heard.

It's Jumpcast 216! This week, we forget Bleach exists, read bad translations, yell into megaphones, incredibly correct moms, and talk about which body part would be best to lose.

  • Nisekoi (10:17)
  • Bleach (22:10)
  • My Hero Academia (35:12)
  • One Piece (54:09)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (1:10:30)

"He's sort of humble-bragging about seeing the future."