Jumpcast: Manga of the Year 2014 (Part 2)

It's finally here, the conclusion of our Manga of the Year deliberations!

It may be 2015 right now, but...well, I actually don't have a good excuse for you.  The Manga of the Year cast was just too big to only be in one podcast.  Here's part two, with the following categories:

  • Death of the Year
  • Best Naruto New-Generation Character
  • Worst Character
  • Best Parallel
  • Worst Parallel
  • Best Unresolved Plotline (Also Known As 'The Orochimaru Award')
  • "Favorite" Quincy
  • Favorite Ending
  • Biggest Disappointment
  • Manga of the Year

We'll be back next week with a normal podcast and a few weeks to catch up on, but you definitely want to listen to this.  How contentious is the quincy poll?  How obvious is the worst character poll?  Is Manga of the Year what you think it is?  Find out this week on the Jumpcast!