Jumpcast 99: Pandering

We're back and ready to pander to most of your non-creepy manga needs!

We're back for our first podcast of 2014 and cover what we missed over the vacation.  We have multiple issues of Beelzebub to discuss, some weird Nisekoi, some amazing Assassination Classroom, and more.  If you missed our Manga of the Year podcast and want to know the winners, we got you covered with a post on Nitrobeard.com, too!

  • Beelzebub (5:00)
  • Nisekoi (17:30)
  • Bleach (26:13)
  • Assassination Classroom (30:15)
  • Naruto (42:28)
  • One Piece (50:23)

Let's have a good new year together!