Jumpcast: Manga of the Year 2013 (Part 2)

Welcome to 2014, Jumpcast listeners!

It's time for part two of our incredibly deliberative second-annual Manga of the Year podcast!  2013 may already be behind us, but relive the manga highlights with this two-hour discussion of what was great, what wasn't, and what was eyebrow-raising.  Superlatives abound in this year's discussion!  In this episode, we tackle the following categories:

  • Funniest Chapter of Beelzebub
  • Most Disappointing Chapter of the Year
  • The "Most Parallel" Chapter of the Year
  • Most Egregious Contrivance of the Year
  • Most Nisekoi-ass Nisekoi of the Year
  • Best New Character
  • Worst New Character
  • Best/"Best" One Piece Cover Arc
  • Best Protagonist
  • Best Antagonist
  • Best Fight
  • Best Class-E Student
  • Worst New Series
  • Best New Series
  • Best Chapter of the Year
  • Manga of the Year

Worry not if you can't make it through the entire podcast, a list of all the winners will be put on the main page next week!  Until then, we'll be back with a fresh episode at our regular time covering everything we have missed, so onward to 2014!