Jumpcast 76: Tickets, Please

No, seriously, take these tickets. I am giving them to you.  


It's the 76th Jumpcast and Greg is off doing something, so Robin VanGilder steps up and takes his place in this inquisitive  episode of the podcast.  We start with a little house cleaning (and digressions in the racism of Eyeshield 21) and move on to our regular set with REALLY HUGE BLEACH NEWS HOLY CRAP.

  • Bleach (7:36)
  • Beelzebub (21:35)
  • Naruto (32:48)
  • One Piece (44:00)
  • Assassination Classroom (56:08)

Starting next week, for reasons , Bleach will be replaced by World Trigger for a few weeks, so look forward to it!