Jumpcast: Manga of the Year 2012 (Part 2)

It's way too late in the year to still be doing 2012 awards, but that's not stopping us!


If you listened to last week's episode, you already know what's up here.  Imran, Greg, and Mike continue their picks in categories that you, the listener, suggested and discuss what manga comes out as the winner.  In addition, we pick the best chapter and the best manga that we cover this past year.  This week is a big one, coming in at twice the length of an average Jumpcast episode!

Our categories this week:

  • Best Point Scored in a Sports Manga
  • Best Blush in a Romance Manga
  • Best Left Hand Holding Something of the Year
  • Best Two-page Spread
  • Most Hot-Blooded Moment
  • The "Buried Before their Time" Award
  • Best Plot Twist
  • Worst Plot Twist
  • Best New Manga
  • Best Sidekick
  • Best Chapter of the Year
  • Manga of the Year

Whew.  Now that that's done with, our regular Jumpcast schedule should resume soon.  Hope you guys enjoyed the past year and you can look forward to a lot more in 2013!