Jumpcast 13: Pudi Pudi Pudi Pudi


Hey, guys, it's Jumpcast time again!  Bakuman is over and we briefly touch on that in preparation of a Bakuman-focused Jumpcast next week!

  • At 1:50, we talk briefly about why we're not talking about Bakuman.
  • At 4:05, we talk about Bleach and how the 99% of souls can't even afford shoes.
  • At 19:00, we talk about Naruto, I mean Beelzebub.
  • At 29:00, actual Naruto discussion starts and--how did Orochimaru come from there?!
  • At 41:50, we finish the podcast with One Piece discussion and Mike being creepy.

This podcast ends almost as abruptly as Bakuman!  And so does t