Jumpcast 10: Eulogies


Hey, everybody!  We're back for episode ten of your favorite manga podcast, with Imran Khan, Mike LeMieux, and Robin VanGilder!  We include our usual set and go on a few tangents, so hold on for the ride!

  • At 1:50, Bakumant talk begins with a sigh and a handwave of this arc.
  • At 9:40, we begin discussing One Piece and realize that you should guard your hearts around Law.
  • At 25:20, we start Bleach discussion and talk about the uncharted territory Bleach is forging.
  • At 33:40, we jump over to Beelzebub and talk about Furuichi and the plight of the straightman.
  • At 44:30, Naruto discussion starts and we try and figure out how undead blindness works.

What, we talked about Kenichi somewhere in there?  Whatever, let's go!