Jumpcast 9: I Fought the Law


Hey, everybody (both old and new listeners alike)!  It's Jumpcast time!  This week, Imran, Mike, and a soon-to-be-vacationing Greg discuss your weekly set of manga, whether Jump readers are hostile to unfamiliar genres, and give up a general shrug at what on earth is going on with Trafalagar Law.

  • At 3:20, we discuss S.T.&.R.S.....or try to and admit we have to recosider its spot on the podcast.
  • At 7:00, Beelzebub discussion starts low-brow and...stays about that low-brow for the whole thing.
  • At 15:45, Bakuman discussion starts and we all submit our votes to Japanese Idol.
  • At 24:00, Bleach discussion begins with talk of shark ladies and foreshadowing of foreshadowing.
  • At 33:15, One Piece discu--wait, that was who?!
  • At 49:40, we move on to Naruto and Greg presents his ideal fight for right now.

Wait, liner notes are not supposed to be approximate?  Whatever, let's go!