Jumpcast 6: S.T.&.R.S. & Poors


Hey everybody, we're back this week with another Jumpcast!  Greg and Mike discuss S.T.&.R.S. (which, somehow, is not pronounced Standers) and then we roll in to our weekly set of manga discussion.

New format this week!  We're going backwards from Jump's Table of Contents, so stuff from the back of the magazine goes first, then titles like Naruto and One Piece come at the tail-end.

  • We start off this week with a discussion of the sci-fi manga, S.T.&.R.S.
  • At 12:00 minutes, we discuss Bleach and how it feels like the final arc is starting in earnest.
  • Beelzebub talk starts at 24:50, as we recount or favorite moments of pedophilia acceptance.
  • At 32:25, we discuss whether Bakuman made a misstep with the lack of tension in this week's issue.
  • Naruto discussion starts at 41:00, with arguments about hey...Itachi, hey, where are you going? :(
  • At 53:30, One Piece discussion starts, talking about the chapter and rolling on in to Oda's own future working on the series.

What's that?  One Piece is how popular?  Whatever, let's go!