Jumpcast 3: Odaipus Complex


The craziest week of the Nitrobeard Jumpcast yet!  Imran Khan, Mike LeMieux, and Greg Jan are hyped up on adrenaline and are talking about whatever leaps to mind.  In addition to our regular set, we talk about pidgeon dating sims, Toonami, and Adventure Time among much more craziness!

  • Naruto has an Oedipus Complex, which I think means he wants to be the pirate king.
  • Oh ho ho, Fairy Tail jokes.  Oda, you card.  Also, one-shot callbacks?!
  • The final arc of Bleach begins, possibly way earlier than intended!
  • Where is Bakuman going with this new antagonist?  Is it a do-or-die moment for the series?
  • Special secret bonus theorycrafting at the very end of the podcast maybe.