Jumpcast 1: Episode One


Don't you get tired of typical anime fans talking about the manga in terms of who should be with who and would rather hear about who should be punching who?  Then you should listen to the Jumpcast, with host Imran Khan and Shonen Jump aficianados Greg Jahn and Mike LeMieux!  This week, we talk about:

  • So Bleach has been on hiatus?  Huh, hadn't noticed.
  • How Naruto's Shining Finger will save Neo-Japan
  • Friendship will always triump in Bakuman except when it doesn't
  • Mike tries to sell the other guys on Beelzebub and forgets to mention the repeated appearances of Lady Gaga

An iTunes feed will go up as soon as iTunes approves it.  But for now, you can listen to the weird, smelly brother of the Beardcast on the link below!