Jumpcast 198: One Million Percent

Don't tell me what's possible, Mr. Mathematician.

It's Jumpcast 198! This week, we talk about DBZ fan comics you should read, desperately try to remember what old bad romance manga titles are, and then convince ourselves springtime might finally be over.

  • Bleach (8:48)
  • Nisekoi (18:54)
  • My Hero Academia (27:02)
  • Assassination Classroom (36:21)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (49:37)
  • One Piece (59:25)

"He wants to be the only copy-ninja."

Jumpcast 195: The Fight Club of Cooks

The first rule is you always clean your equipment, then you don't talk about Fight Club.

It's Jumpcast 195! We're back from break and we have an extra long episode with two weeks' worth of manga to talk about. Can there really have been two good issues of Bleach? Can a harem manga really be acting realistically? Does that kid have horns or just a weird hat? We talk about the live action Assassination Classroom movie, Openings.moe, the best Nisekoi, and more!

  • Nisekoi (13:10)
  • Bleach (24:06)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (37:35)
  • My Hero Academia (54:09)
  • Assassination Classroom (1:14:23)
  • One Piece (1:27:00)

"Get our hot takes on the Boruto thing."

Jumpcast 194: Looney Tunes Flattened

And then re-inflated with a tire pump.

It's Jumpcast 194! This week, we talk way too much about Star Wars (no spoilers, unless you count spoilers for older movies), tanto knives, Mortal Kombat rip-offs, and repetitive jokes that still work out okay in the end.

  • Nisekoi (9:16)
  • Bleach (17:42)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (29:29)
  • My Hero Academia (39:25)
  • One Piece (47:40)
  • Assassination Classroom (58:58)

"He creates ladders."