Jumpcast 113: China Syndrome

One billion people can't be wrong.

It's Jumpcast 113!  One Piece may be off, but that doesn't mean the other manga in our rotation can't bring it.  What did we think of the newest twist of Nisekoi?  Is Kenpachi's giant sword enough to un-jade us on Bleach?  And why are Shiro's arms so weird?  Also lots of talk about anime movies (and how they are mostly terrible).

  • Bleach (7:35)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (21:32)
  • Nisekoi (32:01)
  • Assassination Classroom (48:52)
  • Naruto (1:03:35)

"Have we discussed the Marika Psychopath theory yet?"

Jumpcast 111: Parallel Parking

It's never fun to do.

It's Jumpcast 111 and we have a full set of manga here to talk about, whine about, time how long it takes to read one chapter of Bleach, engage in food wars in various manga, and discuss the virtues of parallels.

  • Bleach (3:02)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (13:25)
  • Nisekoi (22:49)
  • Assassination Classroom (31:00)
  • One Piece (40:28)
  • Naruto (58:51)

"Did Kishimoto feel like Naruto was way too subtle the last fifteen years?" and other such questions in this week's Jumpcast!

Jumpcast 110: Enel Face

It's jaw-dropping.

It's Jumpcast 110!  It's been a good week for manga and we're ready and raring to talk about it all in this extra-long episode that discusses plot twists, plot stalling, and general plotting.

  • Bleach (10:26)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (20:17)
  • Naruto (31:57)
  • Assassination Classroom (47:08)
  • One Piece (56:20)

This episode is full of parallels and praise and WAY MORE PARALLELS.

Jumpcast 109: Potato Girl

That sounds like an insult, honestly.

It's a short week all-around at the Jumpcast offices and we don't have a lot of manga to talk about, so that means TONS of diversions and in-jokes that are only funny to us, including talk about Attack on Titan, J-Stars Victory, and Kill la Kill.

  • Nisekoi (10:06)
  • Bleach (19:12)
  • Naruto (22:48)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (33:33)

I am surprised we talked about Bleach as long as we did.

Jumpcast 106: How I Killed Your Mother

Kids, let me tell you about the time your Uncle Pica and I stormed the castle you lived in.

It's Jumpcast 106!  With Beelzebub gone, we try out a few replacements, so this is a jam-packed episode.  First we discuss Hiroshi Shiibashi's new manga, Illegal Rare, and compare it to the also new Stealth Symphony.  We follow it up with our regular set, including a broad-strokes look at the first half of our newest member in our rotation, Shokugeki no Soma, with plans to catch up completely next week.

  • Illegal Rare (2:07)
  • Bleach (19:57)
  • Nisekoi (26:42)
  • Shokugek no Soma (32:35)
  • Assassination Classroom (43:28)
  • Naruto (57:39)
  • One Piece (1:09:45)

We also talk about Dragonball Z soda.