Jumpcast 216: Stained Within You

That's the least romantic thing I have ever heard.

It's Jumpcast 216! This week, we forget Bleach exists, read bad translations, yell into megaphones, incredibly correct moms, and talk about which body part would be best to lose.

  • Nisekoi (10:17)
  • Bleach (22:10)
  • My Hero Academia (35:12)
  • One Piece (54:09)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (1:10:30)

"He's sort of humble-bragging about seeing the future."

Jumpcast 213: God Has Allergies

"Ah-choo!" "God bless you?"

It's Jumpcast 213 and...I have no idea what this episode is about! I wasn't there to record it, so Mike, Greg, and Robin took the regular set and ran with it. Let's find out together!

  • Nisekoi (5:26)
  • Bleach (23:25)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (30:03)
  • One Piece (40:09)
  • My Hero Academia (52:55)

"She has four hands, that's pretty indicative she's not a human."

Liner notes:

- Overwatch Fake Anime Opening

Jumpcast 211: He Fought Apes

And presumably won!

It's Jumpcast 211 and boy is it a big one! We have multiple issues of almost everything, we move the clock closer to midnight for Nisekoi, and pat ourselves on the back for correct predictions - probably more than is warranted.

  • Nisekoi (4:00)
  • Bleach (28:04)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (41:15)
  • One Piece (55:36)
  • My Hero Academia (1:07:40)

Liner notes:
- Nisekoi Prague

"It looks like he's a cake decoration that's starting to melt."

Jumpcast: E for End


With little manga to talk about this week, it is time for talk some Assassination Classroom. The manga is over, so Greg, Imran, and Mike all get together and eulogize the only manga we cover to have had its entire run on our podcast. We'll be back next week with our regular set, but for now, embrace the assassination.