Jumpcast 138: All Steve Irwin On It


It's Jumpcast 138!  This week, we discuss off-putting cheesecake panels, finishing blow vs. finishing blow, trying to figure out what will replace Naruto, the literal spelling out of symbolism, and people being naked around middle schoolers and no one calling attention to it.  Also, SeHa Girl?!

  • Bleach (11:14)
  • Nisekoi (22:06)
  • Naruto (34:26)
  • Assassination Classroom (49:32)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (1:00:19)
  • One Piece (1:13:53)

"Dojima's good at analogies, like a shark."

Jumpcast 137: Kind and Sincere

Hopefully senpai notices with me, senpai's especially good at noticing things.

It's Jumpcast 137!  We talk about the newest Berserk (and quickly get off-topic), discuss the dark times of Oda, the ending and epilogue of Naruto, the World Trigger anime, a good Nisekoi, and more!

  • Bleach (8:55)
  • Nisekoi (19:46)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (35:08)
  • Assassination Classroom (48:08)
  • One Piece (56:23)
  • Naruto (1:12:13)

"Real fucking brave confronting the guy who's beaten and on the ground."

Jumpcast 136: Captain Thormerica

Wrongs will be righted, people may be sued.

It's Jumpcast 136!  This week, we tackle the virtues of introducing new characters in Bleach, the contrivance-meter that looms above Nisekoi, Meat Improvisation, Sasuke's deviant art blog, and the darkest timeline of One Piece.

  • Bleach (8:50)
  • Nisekoi (18:00)
  • Naruto (31:13)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (45:50)
  • One Piece (56:20)

"Someone needs to take Naoshi Komi's book of fairy tales away."

Jumpcast 135: 7410

It's over 7000!

It's Jumpcast 135!  This week, we talk about hitman hunger games, identical changing room shenanigans, the plural of judo, Mecha-Naruto, delay talking about Bleach as long as possible, and just loving too much.

  • Bleach (12:20)
  • Nisekoi (24:15)
  • Assassination Classroom (33:23)
  • Naruto (43:55)

"No one's ever speaking of Sai."

Jumpcast 133: Maybe Next Time

Try, try again.

It's Jumpcast 133!  This week, we discuss the limits of parallels, the limits translation apps have on batteries, the difference between gum and small chunks of meat, the science of double-zombies, Kenichi ending, Bob Saget, and more!

  • Bleach (8:35)
  • Nisekoi (15:33)
  • Naruto (24:46)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (38:54)
  • One Piece (53:18)

"Maybe we should have just killed everyone with black hair."

Jumpcast 131: Pillar of Salt

Lot, your wife needs to reconsider her life choices.

It's Jumpcast 131!  With Greg and Mike both completely non-suspiciously missing, Jack joins Imran and Robin to hold down the fort.  Naruto is simultaneously going slowly while hurtling toward a conclusion, Bleach is just tossing off cliffhanger questions, and One Piece is channeling Marvel Comics.

  • Bleach (4:20)
  • Nisekoi (17:10)
  • Assassination Classroom (21:47)
  • One Piece (36:51)
  • Naruto (45:34)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (58:04)

"The redemption skips a generation of villains, so it's fine."