Jumpcast Video: 100% Orange Juice

Ooh, different things.

Hey guys!  This week, the Jumpcast crew has been split to the four corners of the earth for Thanksgiving and we don't have a podcast.  It's sad, because in the nearly 150 Jumpcasts so far, this is the first one we have ever missed.  But fret not!  Imran, Greg, Mike, and Robin got together to record a video of weird faux-anime online board game, 100% Orange Juice.  We hope you guys like it and we'll be back with our regularly scheduled programming next week, but enjoy this for now.  You really don't want to miss what happens to Mike about halfway through, because there's basically a solid minute of laughing afterward.

Jumpcast 143: Big Hero Mix

And small heroes, too.

This week, we talk a little about Hero Academy, the newest manga from the creator of Barrage, recap One Piece, try to ascertain manga character genders before reveling in their ambiguity, and discuss the difference between exhaustion and anime disease.

  • Bleach (6:28)
  • Nisekoi (18:30)
  • Hero Academy (24:10)
  • One Piece (38:53)
  • Assassination Classroom (49:48)

"This is still super dumb."

Jumpcast 142: Silken Goku

Ladies love the silken Goku.

It's Jumpcast 142!  In the first post-Naruto cast, Imran has an existential crisis about Nisekoi, Mike loses it over Bleach captains healing their own eyes, and Greg explains the rigor index.

  • Bleach (6:47)
  • Nisekoi (21:29)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (38:07)
  • One Piece (46:38)
  • Assassination Classroom (58:54)

"Girls like cute guys, apparently."

Jumpcast 139: Pharmocology

It could kill someone if you're not careful.

It's Jumpcast 139!  Imran, Mike, and Robin dissect the logic of lethal amounts of blood poison, Bleach video games, the different kind of anime punches, extended Yu-Gi-Oh references, and talk a little bit of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

  • Bleach (4:30)
  • Nisekoi (17:55)
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (23:00)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (30:15)
  • Naruto (41:49)
  • One Piece (50:25)
  • Assassination Classroom (1:00:35)

"Wait, is that one Steamroller Dio?"

Jumpcast 138: All Steve Irwin On It


It's Jumpcast 138!  This week, we discuss off-putting cheesecake panels, finishing blow vs. finishing blow, trying to figure out what will replace Naruto, the literal spelling out of symbolism, and people being naked around middle schoolers and no one calling attention to it.  Also, SeHa Girl?!

  • Bleach (11:14)
  • Nisekoi (22:06)
  • Naruto (34:26)
  • Assassination Classroom (49:32)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (1:00:19)
  • One Piece (1:13:53)

"Dojima's good at analogies, like a shark."

Jumpcast 137: Kind and Sincere

Hopefully senpai notices with me, senpai's especially good at noticing things.

It's Jumpcast 137!  We talk about the newest Berserk (and quickly get off-topic), discuss the dark times of Oda, the ending and epilogue of Naruto, the World Trigger anime, a good Nisekoi, and more!

  • Bleach (8:55)
  • Nisekoi (19:46)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (35:08)
  • Assassination Classroom (48:08)
  • One Piece (56:23)
  • Naruto (1:12:13)

"Real fucking brave confronting the guy who's beaten and on the ground."