Jumpcast 184: Call to Action

Hello, this is Action.

It's Jumpcast 185.  This week, we reach peak Bleach frustration, greatly enjoy literally everything else, and constantly remark "Man this is so cool."

  • Bleach (6:17)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (16:59)
  • Nisekoi (33:59)
  • Assassination Classroom (44:15)
  • My Hero Academia (58:11)
  • One Piece (1:12:42)

"So you're saying child abuse makes stories better."

Jumpcast 183: The Swerve

Seeing it coming only makes me more impatient.

It's Jumpcast 183!  This week, we're a little light on manga, but we dive deep on what we have.  De-zombifying pods, terrible mothers, Games that may or may not be of the Thrones variety, and more!  As an aside, audio quality is a little rough this week as we're testing out new equipment and not all of the kinks have been worked out yet, so I apologize profusely.

  • Bleach (11:02)
  • Nisekoi (25:35)
  • One Piece (34:30)
  • Assassination Classroom (59:44)

"She just drew a rooster as a picture."

Jumpcast 181: The 7th Clone

It is not a bad FMV game, I swear.

It's Jumpcast 181!  This week, we talk clones, clones, clones, discuss culinary villainy, have another random Dragonball Z interjection, and have a deep existential crisis about Assassination Classroom.

  • Bleach (6:35)
  • Nisekoi (16:58)
  • My Hero Academia (30:26)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (47:34)
  • Assassination Classroom (1:00:37)

"Get out your heavy sighs."

Jumpcast 177: Dragon Ball Z Ultra Super Ultimate Cast

We gotta power.

It's Jumpcast 177!  There's no manga this week, so everyone has decided to just get all the Dragon Ball talk out of their systems once and for all and have a talk about everything Dragon Ball - movies (including spoilers for Resurrection 'F'), bad dub lines, video games, it's all on the table in this unstructured episode.  We'll back next week with our regular set, so sit back and enjoy!