Jumpcast 177: Dragon Ball Z Ultra Super Ultimate Cast

We gotta power.

It's Jumpcast 177!  There's no manga this week, so everyone has decided to just get all the Dragon Ball talk out of their systems once and for all and have a talk about everything Dragon Ball - movies (including spoilers for Resurrection 'F'), bad dub lines, video games, it's all on the table in this unstructured episode.  We'll back next week with our regular set, so sit back and enjoy!

Jumpcast 175: The Rival Look

Some might call it smouldering.

It's Jumpcast 175!  This week, we discuss hands with eyes, anime video game uncanny valleys, manga vs. anime, and more.

  • Bleach (12:35)
  • Nisekoi (21:35)
  • My Hero Academia (33:54)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (52:43)
  • Assassination Classroom (1:02:33)
  • One Piece (1:13:27)

"One Piece, the most chapter this week."

Jumpcast 174: Casey Jones

Well, without the hockey mask, I guess.  Or train?

It's Jumpcast 174!  Though most manga is on hiatus this week, we soldier on, and discuss aging voice actors, paneling talent, the minutiae of One Piece, and more!

  • Bleach (14:20)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (25:15)
  • Assassination Classroom (36:22)
  • My Hero Academia (46:38)

"They combined Trunks and Shadow the Hedgehog."

Jumpcast 173: Apache Phantom

He has a special ring or grows real tall or something.

It's Jumpcast 173!  This week, we put our fingers in our ears and cover our eyes, misinterpret panels, touch globs of poison, mock self-insert characters, and more!

  • Bleach (8:04)
  • Nisekoi (19:30)
  • My Hero Academia (31:47)
  • One Piece (49:07)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (1:02:59)
  • Assassination Classroom (1:14:07)

"I don't think those are real crows."

Jumpcast 172: Stop Eating the Walls

Seriously, we just rebuilt those.

It's Jumpcast 172!  This week, we discuss the hazards of nicknames, tonal shifts, and try to reason our way through technical food talk as a means of entertainment.

  • Bleach (9:33)
  • Nisekoi (17:53)
  • Assassination Classroom (30:00)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (40:55)
  • One Piece (49:57)
  • My Hero Academia (1:09:10)

"He doesn't seem to understand what a hypothetical question is."