Jumpcast 207: Bonyari Murder Mystery

In the criminal justice system, you usually don't tell anyone anything and everything works out.

It's Jumpcast 207! This week, we talk about white-haired Aizen, reusing fanservice, check-in policies, and more!

  • Bleach (5:16)
  • Nisekoi (15:00)
  • My Hero Academia (26:57)
  • One Piece (38:48)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (56:34)

"Kubo Tite is just sitting in the lobby sleeping in a chair with a hat made of money."

Jumpcast 204: I Think That's Just His Pants

Or maybe it's a mystery!

It's Jumpcast 204! Tired, sick, and sleep-deprived, we still come back with a week of discussion of a handful of manga. Assassination Classroom should be back any week now, right guys? Right?

  • Bleach (9:04)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (23:37)
  • Nisekoi (38:27)
  • My Hero Academia (53:48)

"Everywhere he's gone, he's been dressed down by 14 year olds."

Liner Notes:
- Anime Bracket
- My Hero Academia Omake Picture

Jumpcast 203: Whatever, I'm Dead

Pfft. I was dead before it was cool.

It's Jumpcast 203! Wherein we throw non-Hitler ideas against the wall, try to get excited for Bleach, and say goodbye to an old friend.

  • Niskeoi (7:40)
  • Bleach (20:35)
  • Assassination Classroom [FINAL] (31:06)
  • Shokugeki no Soma (46:20)
  • One Piece (58:46)
  • My Hero Academia (1:13:22)

"We thought she was hallucinating but it turns out he was just there."

Jumpcast Null: We're Sorry!

Despite multiple attempts and re-recordings and event attempts to record apologies, there will be no Jumpcast this week. We tried our best, but our sessions were cursed, all sorts of equipment broke, and it finally ended at midnight with all parties agreeing the only thing to do was to apologize. Then our apology recording got corrupted. We apparently made some ghosts very upset.

This should all hopefully be solved by next week, but we apologize again. All our fans are great and loyal and we absolutely want to get you a podcast every week because you deserve it and we love doing it.

In the meantime, read this interview with Horikoshi, creator of My Hero Academia, translated from japanese to spanish to english. And rest assured we thought Bleach was dumb.