The MAGFest 13 MAGCast

Friends, arcade games, music, board games, panels, video games, streetpasses, food, super nice indie devs, one really drunk / high guy (not to be confused with Professor Shyguy), and a HENTAI license plate.

Myself, David Owen and Asif Khan went to MAGFest 13 January 23 - 26 in National Harbor, MD, then sat down a week later to retell our MAGFest highlights.

Link Dump


Cheap Dinosaurs 
Professor Shyguy 
Danimal Cannon
Jake Kaufman aka virt 
Trey Frey

Other Things

Control Issues: The Role of Input Devices

Stunt Show: The Legend of Zelda: Gamers Against the Grimdark

Super Art Fight!

Random Nonsense (Alexander Brandon, Chris Serani and Brendan Becker)

Star Wars Fan Film: A Light in the Darkness*