Free to Play 01: The Black Rhino of Guns

It's the first honest-to-real episode of Free to Play! In which we all decide which Macgyver character we would be.

A screen grab from an episode of Macgyver. He's playing chess and has a cast on his arm. There's text over the image that says 'MACGYVER THE BEARDLESS WONDER.'

Imran Khan, Brian Belida, Mark Bradshaw, and Matt Pierce are joined by Bravemule artist George Kavallines to debate the tough choice of saving either the last black rhino or a large orphanage teeming with orphans.

We also chat about THE NEW Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Borderlands 2, the Wii-U, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember despite it having taken place only a little over two hours ago.

Why am I playing chess and where did this cast come from? Whatever, let's go!