Free to Play 00: Beta Episode

Free to Play is the new podcast from the personalities that brought you the Beardcast.  We're starting fresh and hope you'll come with us, but we still have everything you know and love about the Beardcast.

Free to Play logo. 'Free' is a bit ribbony, 'Play' looks a bit video game-ish, and there's a triangle sort of play button behind the 'to.'

We start off this week with Brian Belida, Imran Khan, Matt Pierce, and Mark Bradshaw talking about how we got here, how Solid Snake got here, how Metal Gear Solid 3 got to the podcast (Spoiler: It was the Illiterate's Book Club choice!), and how Steam got its groove back with Greenlight.  We're still in beta, but we're ready to launch this podcast in to your ears because, starting now, we're Free to Play!

We'll be getting our own official show music soon, but thanks goes to Sycamore Drive for tuning our beta episode.