Free to Play 09: Vader Clones

This week, Free to Play is not just a name, it's a topic of discussion!


This week, Brian Belida, Mark Bradshaw, Imran Khan, and a returning Matt Pierce (having harrowed Sandy and lived to tell about it) discuss the Free to Play model so as not to make a mockery of our podcast name. We also discuss THQ's impending demise, why you should not finish the last few minutes of Assassin's Creed 3, what's really so bad about Enslaved (protip: lots of things), and lots of vroom vrooming with Forza Horizon. Listen today and you'll get your very own Vader clone for yourself!

Oh, we're out of clones. You were too late. I wonder if that makes you want to exclaim some sort of, I don't know, emotional response with your new robot voicebox? Anything at all?